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A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness I give up. Seriously. There are very few books in my life that I have quit midway through the book, and this not only makes the list, but is right there at the top. It's reached a point that I can't listen while driving, because the eye rolling occurs so often it makes me a hazard on the road.

I liked the world the author created. I liked her interpretation of the various vampire myths. I liked Matthew and all the other characters, and I want to know about Ashmole 786.

But Diana? The "heroine" of the story? What. A. Twit. Definitely a TSTL character. She's an historian, and college professor and can recognize a chart of a DNA sequence, but has never heard of mitochondrial DNA? REALLY??? She acts like she's 12 with a new boyfriend. She sulks when Matthew won't do what she wants. She loves him and trusts him, but breaks into his desk. He won't take her with him back to town when something happens, because its not safe for her, and she cries so hard she nearly floods his home. Literally floods. Then she sulks and pouts even more. I just can't stand her. And I can't get past my annoyance at her childishness to finish this book.

Another irritant is the first person/third person switches. We see things in third person for almost everyone else, but for the twit…excuse me…Diana, we get first person. So we not only get to hear her whining to everyone else, but we get all the self-pity and sulking that goes on in her head, too. Oh. Good.

So I'm done. And so is my mother. We're halfway through the audiobook, and we are D.O.N.E. We're both walking away. We've spent about 14 hours on this book, and the thought of another 12 hours or so is just more than we can bear. Especially as this is the first book in a series, so we don't even get the big payoff. We'd have to finish this book, and whatever subsequent books in order to hear the entire story, and you couldn't pay me enough to do that.