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Mistletoe & Margaritas - Shannon Stacey LOVED this book. I've been looking forward to this particular story since Ms. Stacey first told "us" about the story. I'm a sucker for a good friends-to-lovers story, and this was a winner.

Ms. Stacey makes it so easy for us to connect with both characters and even, to a certain extent, to Brandon. Our family has experienced loss like this, but in our case he was 22 and single. As a result, I SOBBED through a good part of the end of this story. But in a good way, as Ms. Stacey wrote the emotions and feelings of those left behind so realistically.

Spoilers ahoy!

And the scene towards the end where Claire draws the line in the sand "Don't come back" broke my heart. I could feel Justin's shock and devastation and I was hoping he'd get his act together soon enough and he wouldn't lose Claire. Of course, being a ROMANCE, I knew it was unlikely he and Claire would go their separate ways, but still. I was worried for Justin. LOL.