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The Homecoming (Shelter Bay, #1) - JoAnn Ross I totally overlooked this book when it first came out. I thought it was a more cozy type of romance. I follow Ms. Ross on Twitter, and she "quoted" something from one of her characters, and I was completely intrigued, so I asked her what book that was from. Turns out it was from one of the books in this trilogy. Since I enjoyed her High Risk novels so much, I added these to the "pile."

Boy am I glad I didn't miss it. Trey was charming and adorable, Sax was sexy and wonderful, and Kara was smart and capable. Velcro was pretty cute, too. LOL.

I liked that Sax would let Kara do what she needed to and supported her completely without undermining her or going around her. He did do things without checking with her first, but only because she had more important things to do, and they were minor tasks. The big stuff (taking care of her kid, helping with her job) he always respected her enough to talk with her.

The ghosts scenes were a little weird, especially as we, as readers, didn't really deal with his issues from war.

On to the next book...