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A Lot like Love - Julie James Well, I had a lot of time to kill today, so after reading Something About You, I started (and finished) A Lot Like Love.

Just like in SAY, Jordan and Nick don't play games. They are honest about what's going on with them, and none of the Misunderstanding Causes Problems trope that is popular. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Misunderstanding story, but it's refreshing to read something a bit different.

I loved Jordan's defense of her brother Kyle "It was TWITTER, people!" And how Kyle was willing to step up and take his punishment. And the little jokes about being in prison were too funny. Once again, the heroine also has close friends that are fun to read about, and the trash talk between Jack and Nick (and also Wilkins & Huxley) were fun and (I think) realistic to how men interact.

I liked that we got to see Jack and Cameron a bit in ALL. It's always fun to revisit characters. And it looks like Kyle is going to get his own book! Yay! Can't wait!