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Something About You - Julie James I put out on Twitter that I had just read all of Courtney Milan's books and all of Shannon Stacey's Kowalski series, and asked what should I try now? Courtney Milan suggested Julie James, so since she was in my TBR "Pile", I decided to try her. Ms. Milan said this was one of her favorites, so I started there.

Loved it. Excellent suggestion, Ms. Milan!

I really liked that, while Cameron and Jack spar verbally, they don't play games when they understand the seriousness. When Cameron needs protection, she doesn't do the TSTL Heroine trick of trying to lose her protection for whatever reason, or thinks that she knows better than the people tasked to keep her alive. Neither does she whine about it.

When Cameron realizes she must tell Jack the truth about what happened three years earlier, she doesn't dance around it. She comes right out and tells him the facts. No dithering about should she or shouldn't she. She knows this could affect how he protects her, and so she sits him down and has the conversation. Jack, for his part, doesn't pout or sulk, and doesn't rant and rave that she kept it from him or anything like that. He takes it like a true hero, deals with it, and moves on.

I'll definitely be adding Ms. James to my auto-read list!