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Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. I laughed myself silly through most of it. It was funny and witty and touching and just a fantastic book. The characters felt so realistic. Jax and Maddy have some stuff to work through (thanks to her Ex and both their childhoods), and they do it honestly and without any games. And Jax makes NO secret of wanting Maddy, and she tries (but not very hard) to resist him.

You really see Maddy come into her own during the course of the book. She goes from being "The Mouse" to someone who can ask for what she wants. Big steps for her. I also loved the relationship with her sisters. They fight and make up and have all sorts of issues between the three of them, but again, it's all honest and emotional.

Fantastic book. Definitely the top of the keeper pile.