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Unveiled - Courtney Milan Yup. I'm now officially hooked on Courtney Milan's books. Yesterday, on the advice of Sarah from Smart Bitches, I read Unlocked. I finished it, went out for a bit, came home, and read it again. That makes Unlocked only the second story EVER where I have done that. And if you knew me, you'd have a vague idea of how many books I've read in my lifetime, so saying that…well…it's praise of the highest order.

I downloaded Unveiled late this morning for my Kindle and decided to read "just a few chapters." HA! Several hours later, I "turned" the last page. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. I read very few historical romances, and I devoured this one.

I loved the emotional intensity Ms. Milan brings to her stories. I really connect with her characters and I find myself smiling or laughing or crying right along with them. I also enjoy that the characters don't behave the way you would expect them to, and the "bad guys" aren't always as bad as they seem.

Can't wait for Unclaimed in September.